Artist Statement:

I create my art as a personal journey to encourage the viewer to cherish the nature around us. I often use macro photography and abstract images because the process is meditative, requiring patience, time, and a real connection to the smallest details surrounding me. It is, as well, a challenge in my study of light and shadows, lines, and color. My artistic goal is to share this beauty. My work has a deep meaning for me and I am always trying to lift up my viewers or relate to them on a psychological level. I photograph nature not only because I love the layers of chaos and organization, but also because I want to encourage others to understand that it is fragile and must be handled with care. My images are in the fine art genre and intended to serve as works of art and investments.


I have a background of twenty-one years of music retail and management, three years as a floral specialist, and a lifetime of communicating through photographs. I studied photography at St. Petersburg College and continue to learn every day.
I often connect music with my images, as you will see on my website or Facebook page.
I'm a member of Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists, Tampa Bay Strobists, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, and Professional Association of Visual Artists. I donate my skills to charities where I can and am very active in exhibits in the Tampa Bay area. I am also interested in conceptualizing social issues.
My influences began with the National Geographic magazine and photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and painters such as Claude Monet. I am continually inspired by the group of photographers that I work around.

Visit my daily photo blog on my Facebook under Patricia Blauvelt Photography or continue to visit my website here. Contact me if you are interested in working with me or investing in prints you have connected with.

Have a beautiful day! :)

(All images are under copyright and may not be used without my permission.)