Abstract Expression

My favorite….abstract. :)
This show was at Pour Yours in downtown Clearwater in August/September.



“Last Child”




“Crawl On Me”


“The Nature Of Gauze”


Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

The 18th Annual FMOPA Member’s Show was in August/September! :)

My image was an abstract macro of leaves with a message to some art judging I had recently witnessed. I was being a bit secretly sarcastic. ;)

”Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up”


Summer 2018

I am going to show here a few of the images in the shows between March and October, 2018.
I am attempting not to duplicate images since an image may be in more than one show in a different location. :)

“Forest Imagined” is an image for the Gallery-Z Tour in which board members of the Dali Museum did a small art tour in downtown Clearwater. This image was in Galleria Teixeira. I was very excited to have been able to participate in this event! :)


A sample of my pieces displayed in Clearwater’s Artwalk. :)

“You Don’t Own Me”
Have I mentioned that I dabble in social issues?


“Don’t Change A Thing”


“Antique Florida”



Odet is a local "journal comprised of stories and art from Tampa Bay writers and artists".
I was honored to win first place in their photography contest with my image on the cover, as well as having two images published inside. ♥️
You may purchase the journal through their attached website, as well as inquire about participating in future publications. They are a team of wonderful creative writers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 3.23.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 3.23.35 PM.png

Female Frames

This event page was created by the host, which is why I was credited for the image.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.51.22 AM.png

This show included the following work, as well as images from "Not Your Father's Art Show 2".
It was on display from November 17th (Third Friday in Safety Harbor) until January 17th with two opening receptions held during the Third Friday events. The show was an exhibit of a few female photographers in the area. :)

ff 1 Page 1.jpg
ff2 Page 1.jpg
ff3 Page 1.jpg


Not a lot of explanation needed here! I participated in Jose's end of year sale with a few pieces. I also ended up taking home two pieces from photographers Annie Gonzalez and Mark Rodriguez that I loooooove. :)

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.14.18 AM.png

Stolen Art

This was a month long show at Creative Soul Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. :)
The theme was for the photographer to be inspired by famous artists up to duplicating pieces of art in our own photographic style. Quite fun and the work was great! :)
I decided to use Monet as my inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 3.19.46 PM.jpg

The following is the series I did.
The first picture is the original Monet followed by my photograph.

Boats on the Thames, Fog Effect Consequence of Fog, Mirror Lake

Boats on the Thames, Fog Effect
Consequence of Fog, Mirror Lake

Fishing Nets at Pourville Crab Traps at the Bay

Fishing Nets at Pourville
Crab Traps at the Bay

The Japanese Bridge The California Bridge

The Japanese Bridge
The California Bridge

Pond at Montegron Kapok Pond

Pond at Montegron
Kapok Pond

The Siene and the Chaantemesle Hills Sunrise at the Rockies

The Siene and the Chaantemesle Hills
Sunrise at the Rockies

Wood Lane The Wooded Path

Wood Lane
The Wooded Path

Not Your Father's Art Show - 2nd Annual

An exhibit created by Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists to showcase work from the past year, new and exhibited. There is not set theme, although there are still guidelines. :)
The show was on exhibit at Studio 617 for one month opening August 25th. I had five pieces in this exhibit and printed large for my pieces which was exciting for me. :) 

Facebook graphic - Artist unknown

Facebook graphic - Artist unknown


Beautifully Mental
To represent the fragility and beauty of our scrambled psyche.



Perception of Existence
For the philosophy that there is no existence without perception.



Daydream Peaked
Previously exhibited in the World's Collide exhibit and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Annual Member's Show.



In Calm



Two Step With Me Lightly
The delicate dance of relationships.



Dreamscapes was a month long exhibit at Studio 617 in downtown Clearwater from July 28th until August 23rd. If you follow my "Photo of the Day", you may have seen a couple of these images on earlier posts in some form. :) I really loved the way these four image displayed together. I have my work printed with metallic ink, so this was a fun exhibit that worked well with my style. :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.12.30 AM.jpg


Represents the things that haunt us in our dreams. Not in a frightening
way, but rather our memories or aspirations.

Invoice 08-24-2017-01.jpg


“Life Is So Strange”
A combination of an image taken on a foggy morning combined with a
macro image of palm leaves.
I often like to match up my art with music.
This was a tribute to the Missing Persons song “Destination Unknown”

Invoice 08-24-2017-01-2.jpg


“Love Bizarre”
I wanted a gold look to this image with the soft motion to represent
how beautiful and confusing love can be.
A tribute to Sheila E’s song “A Love Bizarre”.

Invoice 08-24-2017-01-3.jpg


“Chromatic Fantasy”
A landscape image I created one early early morning. I believe there is
intricate beauty all around us if we stop and look.
This image was a tribute to the amazing bass player
Jaco Pastorious’ “Chromatic Fantasy”.

Invoice 08-24-2017-01-4.jpg


Heat was an exhibit opened first at Red Door No. 5 in Tampa for a one night event on June 16th, 2017 and later moved to Studio 617 in Clearwater for a month long exhibit from June 30th to July 26th. 

The photograph used for this event page was done by Michael Trefry.


This image is called "Mortality". The flame is to represent the fire of life.


"My Voracious Muse" is a playful image representing lust, along with a little hint of vampire. ;)


Amore was our exhibit at Studio 617 in downtown Clearwater from May 26, 2017 to June 28th, 2017. It was an artist's interpretation of love and a multimedia event. :)

Image from Facebook event page. Artist unknown.

Image from Facebook event page. Artist unknown.


This image is called "Intoxicate". I was given the opportunity to photograph this amazing couple in St. Petersburg a couple of months ago and used their images for two of my exhibits. 


This piece is called "Lust". My first time working with fire, and hopefully not my last. :)
This piece was also used to represent our work on ABC's morning talk show "Morning Blend". 


"Dissolve" ♥️
I love this picture.


"Tough Love" is to represent the hardest love of all. The love of oneself.
The subject is peaking at herself in a mirror, showing the difficulty she has to love herself. 


Lina from Studio 617 was interviewed today on ABC's Morning Blend. Pretty thrilled that my piece and name were included in the interview. :)
I'm so proud to be a member of Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists and able to take part in the exhibits at Studio 617. :)
Tomorrow is the Heat show!


Form was a mixed media exhibit at Studio 617 that ran from April 28th to May 24th. 
It was a nude art exhibit, complete with body painters and a photo tent that one could register to be a model for one of the artists. :)

 Image from Facebook event page, artist unknown.

 Image from Facebook event page, artist unknown.

I had the opportunity to begin a series of images that highlight our scars and how we live with them and they show how strong we are as individuals. I love scars.


This photograph is called "Mettle Unscarred".  Mettle is another word for resolve or determination. The model has been through four hip replacement surgeries due to a congenital disease. He rides approximately 200 miles per week on his bicycle which makes him very strong. 


This photograph is called "Spirit Unscarred". The model has had surgery on her breast and is one of the most beautiful people I've met, inside and out. 


Kaleidoscope was a multi media exhibit at Studio 617 from March 31st until April 26th, 2017.
It was my intention to stay close to the theme in my work for this show. I love to combine an organic nature photo with abstract effects in post processing. :)

This is the image from the Facebook event page. Artist unknown.

This is the image from the Facebook event page. Artist unknown.


“Drift Past the Flowers” was inspired by the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky
With Diamonds” in which they sing “the girl with kaleidoscope eyes”. I enjoyed
choosing the bright, psychedelic colors. A fun, dreamy song for them. :)



“Refashion” is my interpretation of man mirroring nature with the creation of
this metal flower, as well as nature mirroring itself in the flower’s symmetry.



“Chasing the Fourth” is a reference to the fourth dimension…mysterious
in fact and fiction. When I was taking that photograph I was fascinated by
the light bokeh from the sunrise behind these wild grasses. I wanted to create
a small amount of an abstract mirror effect using it.



“Polity Polarity” is a social and political observation referring to our present
state in our country on the news, social media, etc.. Polity is a word rarely
used but it is another term for society or nation.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 4.26.06 PM-Photoshop.jpg

Two Exhibits: Nasty Women Art Show and FMOPA International Photography Competition

And for a little controversy on this fine day. ;)

This is the photograph I donated to last night's fundraiser by the St. Pete Women's Collective to benefit Planned Parenthood.
The title is "This is My Country. This is My Body. You May Take Neither." It was a concept I wanted to shoot in response to our rights as women being infringed upon. Our right to healthcare, our right to choose, our right to be treated and respected as equals. 
Everything is on purpose, right down to the bruise being left on her knee. 
I learned of the art show a few days before my scheduled shoot and it seemed perfect. I love this woman. She's a dear friend, artist, and such a trooper. The emotions she showed during this shoot were fantastic.
Thank you to St. Pete Women's Collective for putting this together.

This is our country. These are our bodies.

This image was selected by Women's March Florida to use on Facebook for their new zine and to encourage more art submissions. :)

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 3.14.19 PM.png


Daydream Peaked was entered into the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts International Photography Competition under the category of form. I didn't win! But did alright! :)
A description of this image is under the World's Collide exhibit.


Three Exhibits: Worlds Collide, For the Love of Art, and Dark Moments

Worlds Collide was for a month long exhibit starting on February 24th, 2017, at Studio 617 in downtown Clearwater. I had four images in this exhibit. :) Woo-hoo! 

This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.

This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.


Daydream Peaked

Daydream Peaked is for the collision of fantasy and reality. This is one of my favorite images. I love the reaction when I tell someone that it's a macro photo of cactus and not the snail that they think it is. ;) 


The Guest

The Guest is another collision of fantasy verses reality. Weeds, one of my favorite subjects. :)


Holding onto Faith

Holding onto Faith is dedicated to one's holding onto the faith that another will be kind to them despite the cruelty that's been shown to them. It's a general message to humanity, as well as an image about domestic violence and gun control. I had a relative killed in a murder/suicide a few years ago. She was my favorite person in the whole world. I can't tell that part of the story when explaining my image in person because even typing it makes me cry, but it is one of the reasons I made this.


The Straddling of Judgement

The Straddling of Judgement is for a person deciding on their next move in life, to move to a new stage that looks strange and risky, or to stay where they are, which also has an unknown future.


And because I'm silly and don't like to be in front of the lens. My brother wanted a photo of me with my exhibit. :)


For the Love of Art was for a month long exhibit starting February 11th, 2017, at Bar@548 in St. Petersburg,. The theme was pretty open. My image is called Faint for faint of heart, wanting in courage, as well as being indistinct as a subject. I love this image. :)

This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.

This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.




Dark Moments

The Dark Moments theme was for a month long exhibit starting November 12th, 2016, at the Creative Soul Studio in St. Petersburg and my first exhibit. We were to interpret the theme in our own way as artists. My image was meant to show tension and cause the viewer to question whether the visit was welcome or not and to cause them to question whether the dark moment was a moment of lust or danger. It was a challenge for me to be this "dark". :) 


The Discourse


This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.

This is an image for the event on Facebook. I do not know who the artist is.