The Nature of Gauze

The Nature of Gauze is from our exhibit Abstract Expressions.
This image will also be one of the pieces featured in the upcoming Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists’ book. :)


Affections of Nature

Thank you to everyone for coming last night and for sharing the event!
You made it really special. I feel very lucky to have such talented and supportive friends. And to have met some more! And thank you for finding pictures that you liked enough to decide to bring them into your own homes! That's a real honor and I don't take it lightly. I'll contact everyone as soon as the exhibit is taken down to deliver your images. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.
Thank you Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists and thank you Lina Teixeira  for providing these opportunities. ❤

Thanks for more pictures from the event Jim Miller. :)

The exhibit will be up for a month. I'll be meeting a couple of people that couldn't come last night on an evening coming up if anyone wants to join us for a glass of wine.

And now for the results from giveaway drawing! 
Elissa Barrett, your paper was picked out of the hat! It looks like I'm shipping a piece to Oklahoma! I'll contact you this week about getting your choice and will be uploading the exhibit pieces to my site also. Between the Facebook photography page and the website you can pick a favorite.

I hope everyone had fun. I sure love an excuse to get a lot of people together. :)
And now I'm going to try to take a nap.



The show is hung! Thank you to Jose, Annie, and Lina! This next week's weather might be a little wild so I hope to see everyone tomorrow night for the opening reception!


Creative Loafing

Jennifer Ring from Creative Loafing interviewed me and two other photographers on where we get inspiration around Tampa Bay! She also mentioned my show Saturday night at Pour Yours. Thank you for that Jennifer! Jennifer is a big supporter of the arts in the area and a wonderful writer. I've attached a link in the comments to the digital edition of the Fall Guide with her entire article. :)💛

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